Calendar of Events


2/6-8/2017: Association of College Educators – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Convention, San Antonio, TX

3/9-10/2017: Children’s Hearing Institute Pediatric Audiology Conference, New York, NY

4/27-5/1/2017: American Educational Research Association Conference, San Antonio, TX



1/28/2016: Building Speech Skills Naturally Through Listening

2/2/2016: Top 10 Tips for Auditory Verbal Parents

2/16/2015: One Lesson, Five Levels: How to Adapt Materials for a Variety of Students

3/1/2016: AVT Jumpstart!

5/3/2016: Complex and Challenging Cases

5/17/2016: LSLS Exam Study Session

6/7/2016: Oral Bilingualism

6/30-7/3/2016: AG Bell Convention, Denver, CO

7/8/2016: National Deaf Children’s Society, Northern Ireland

7/14/2016: Sacred Heart University, CT

11/2-3/2016: Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, New Brunswick, Canada



3/24/2015: The Catch-Up Game: Working with Children Who Receive CIs at Later Ages

4/30/2015: Beginning with Babies: Hearing Technology, Family Counseling, and Early Language Development

5/18/2015: Beginning with Babies Encore Presentation

5/28/2015: LSLS Exam Prep Study Session 

7/23/2015: Cochlear™ Facebook Q&A with an Auditory-Verbal Therapist

8/12-13/2015: An Evening for Parents and a Day for Professionals in Utah

9/10/2015: LSLS Exam Study Session

 9/17/2015: Top Ten Tips for Auditory Verbal Parents

10/12/2015:  Forget the Flashcards, Ditch the Drills: Building Speech Skills Naturally Through Listening

11/10/2015:  More Than Just Ears: Hearing Loss, Balance, and Mental Health in Seniors

11/24/2015: Beyond Books: Bringing Literacy to Life in Therapy and at Home 

12/4/2015: AVT Jumpstart!  Inservice at Heuser Hearing and Language Academy, Louisville, KY



9/21/2014: So You Want to Become an LSLS?