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Wallace’s Family’s Story



Our family can confidently say that you are the reason we can look back and know our daughter received the best speech and language therapy possible.  You created the early foundation necessary for our daughter to grow and blossom in the world of spoken language, at the early age of five months old!  Thank you for being a blessing to her and our entire family!

— Nora, Parent



Elizabeth is an absolutely incredible therapist. She is gifted at explaining and demonstrating things in a way that a parent can take and apply to their child’s life. She sincerely cares about each child, and the therapy extends beyond just speech and hearing. It is an opportunity to discuss how hearing loss impacts your lives and brainstorm solutions. She was my daughter’s cheerleader and guide. I owe a great deal of my daughter’s progress today to the foundational lessons Elizabeth taught us from the beginning.

— Heather, Parent


Elizabeth is one of the most passionate, intelligent, caring, and motivational people I know.  Her wealth of information is endless, and if she doesn’t have an immediate answer, she researches the subject until she does.  Elizabeth’s efforts are tireless.  She has been the singular most valuable person I have encountered in our hearing loss journey over the last 20 months of my son’s life.  She is always available to help me or answer any questions we may have.

As the parent of two children, one who is a normal-hearing child and the other child who recently received cochlear implants, I was at a loss as to how do I  teach and communicate with my hard of hearing child all the same things I taught my older child.  Many questions swirled around my head regarding diagnosis, treatment, care, and education amongst many others.  Elizabeth has been a wonderful guide, sounding board, and reference for our family.

Elizabeth gives fabulous instruction to me, the parent, as far as how to interact and teach my son how to listen and communicate.  Her activities, songs, games, etc. are so simple and easy to replicate at home, yet I never would have thought to do many of these things on my own.  She gives constant feedback on how we can keep improving and strengthening my son’s ability to listen and communicate.

Under Elizabeth’s keen guidance, observation, and instruction, my son continues to thrive and I have the utmost confidence that we are on the road toward his success.  I am so grateful to Elizabeth and feel so fortunate that she is part of our lives.

— Carrie, Parent


You are the best speech therapist I ever have had for Ava.

— Paige W., Parent