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Elizabeth A. Rosenzweig PhD CCC-SLP LSLS Cert. AVT is a speech-language pathologist and Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, Certified Auditory Verbal Therapist. She provides therapy services to children with hearing loss and their families around the world via teletherapy, mentors other professionals, and presents and consults worldwide. Dr. Rosenzweig is an Assistant Professor of Practice and Director of the Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests include culturally responsive auditory verbal practice, trauma-informed care, and personnel preparation.


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Recent Articles

  • Auditory Expectation
    What does it mean to have an auditory expectation for children with hearing loss in therapy and in life? First of all, it means that I, the adult, have done my part in giving you the tools (auditory access and a good listening environment) to be successful. Once that has been established, an auditory expectationContinue reading “Auditory Expectation”
  • It’s Not a Secret!
    I had a horrible experience teaching my graduate-level aural rehabilitation class earlier this semester. One of my brilliant students, herself a young woman with hearing loss, came to me during office hours to discuss audiogram interpretation. We talked through the concepts, worked through an example together, and things clicked! Happy story, right? But then sheContinue reading “It’s Not a Secret!”
  • Get Comfortable Being Bad at This
    I often think of my first-ever patient. We’ll call her Callista. I was a rising senior undergraduate taking on my first practicum assignment in my university’s training clinic. Sure, I’d had volunteer placements and part-time jobs working at auditory-oral preschools for children with hearing loss since middle school, but this was the first time IContinue reading “Get Comfortable Being Bad at This”

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Elizabeth’s efforts are tireless.  She has been the singular most valuable person I have encountered in our hearing loss journey.

Carrie, Parent

I loved the PRACTICAL information. I often participate in PD by researchers. While I love hearing about the research, the practical is what I need. Your energy is contagious!

Taylor, Presentation Attendee

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