Free Activities

There’s no need to break the bank when it comes to finding good sources of therapy ideas.  The best lessons in speaking and listening can come from things you already have at home.  In fact, I would argue that not only can you find good therapy resources at home, you should!  Children need to learn that listening and speaking are not isolated events, confined a weekly therapy session, but part of living, communicating, and enjoying every day!

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Grammatical Morphemes

Morphemes are the smallest parts of language that carry meaning.  Some are “free”, like “cat” or “walk”… those aren’t too hard to learn.  It’s “bound” morphemes, those tiny qualifiers like “-ing” or “-s” that can be added on to free morphemes that cause all the trouble!  Bound morphemes are tricky, but they also play a BIG part in differentiating the meaning of language, so they’re important to understand.  How can we help children with hearing loss master grammatical morphemes?  A few suggestions:

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Mealtime Activities

Yum!  It’s time to eat… and time for some listening and spoken language!  Here are some everyday opportunities to incorporate auditory-verbal principles into everyday meals.

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