WEBINAR: Building Speech Skills Through Listening

Forget the flashcards, ditch the drills.  You can help children with hearing loss develop beautiful, natural speech skills through listening and play!  This webinar will cover the essentials behind the theory of speech acoustics and how parents and professionals can use this information to use listening to develop speech.  Best of all, there are no flashcards involved!  You’llContinue reading “WEBINAR: Building Speech Skills Through Listening”

WEBINAR 6/7/2016: Oral Bilingualism

Many of today’s children with hearing loss are growing up in homes and communities where they are exposed to multiple spoken languages. This presentation will address the issues involved in helping these children communicate effectively in diverse linguistic environments: foundations of bilingual language acquisition, common challenges, engaging families from minority languages and cultures, and howContinue reading “WEBINAR 6/7/2016: Oral Bilingualism”

Bilingual Oral Language Learners

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on bilingual speech-language pathology.  As the United States becomes more diverse, more and more SLPs and other professionals are facing caseloads with clients who are not native English speakers.