Costa Rica 2010: Thursday – Sunday

On Thursday, we drove to Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy. It was amazingly lush, filled with all kinds of insects and animals, and humid! At Turu Ba Ri park, we were able to ride zip lines across the canopy for an amazing view of wild Costa Rica, and take a horseback tour. While on our tour,Continue reading “Costa Rica 2010: Thursday – Sunday”

Costa Rica 2010: Wednesday

Today, we returned to the Cen Cenai public preschool center (like HeadStart in the US) to continue our screenings for hearing, vision, cognition, speech, and language. Overall, we were able to screen about 75 children and provide appropriate recommendations for follow-up as needed. Conducting the hearing screenings was difficult, however, due to the incredibly noisyContinue reading “Costa Rica 2010: Wednesday”

Costa Rica 2010: Tuesday

We began our trip today at Centeno, a school for deaf children in Costa Rica that uses sign language. The school is just one department on the campus of the Center for Inclusive Education in CR. I’m not so sure what they mean by “inclusive,” though, because it was a school of all deaf children,Continue reading “Costa Rica 2010: Tuesday”

Costa Rica 2010: Sunday

Today was Day one of my trip to Costa Rica with a group from my graduate program at Fontbonne University. Three graduate students in the Early Intervention in Deaf Education program (one of whom is a native of Costa Rica), another SLP graduate student, a professor in Deaf Education, and I are here in CostaContinue reading “Costa Rica 2010: Sunday”

Costa Rica 2010: Monday

We began our day today at Kinder Papillon, an inclusive preschool that educates children with hearing loss (along with some children with other disabilities) and their hearing peers. The children in the school range from about age 2 until pre-kindergarten age, at which point the children are mainstreamed into their home schools. While at KinderContinue reading “Costa Rica 2010: Monday”

Deaf Education in Costa Rica

Two weeks ago, I attended an excellent presentation on deaf education in Costa Rica.  The presenters were listening and spoken language educators, one of whom completed her training at Fontbonne in St. Louis, MO, USA.  Together with other listening and spoken language professionals in Costa Rica, they are active members of Adis, an organization dedicated to: