Complex and Challenging Cases: WEBINAR RECORDING

See below for a recording of my May 2016 presentation for Cochlear and the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children/Renwick Centre “Complex and Challenging Cases” [CC]  

All About Magnets

Whether you call it a coil, magnet, or headpiece, here are answers to your questions about the part of the cochlear implant processor that sticks to your head to communicate with the internal part of your device. 

[WEBINAR] More Than Just Ears: Hearing Loss, Balance, and Mental Health in Seniors

Please join me for a webinar on Tuesday June 16th at 7PM Eastern Standard Time.  More Than Just Ears: Hearing Loss, Balance, and Mental Health in Seniors is a FREE webinar sponsored by Ear Gear and accredited by the International Hearing Society for continuing education credit.  Coming this fall — stay tuned!

Cochlear Implant Evaluations: What To Expect, What to Ask

In past articles, I’ve discussed the cochlear implant process from candidacy to activation and beyond.  But what actually happens in a candidacy evaluation?  How do the professionals on your cochlear implant team decide who is a good candidate for the device?  What do all of these appointments really mean, and what questions should informed patientsContinue reading “Cochlear Implant Evaluations: What To Expect, What to Ask”

Cochlear Implants, Residual Hearing, and Hybrid CIs

“When you get a cochlear implant, all of your natural hearing is destroyed.” This used to be the common wisdom: get a cochlear implant, forgo any residual hearing (hearing that you have without the use of hearing devices).  Today, however, less traumatic surgical techniques and improved electrode arrays have proven this to be untrue.  What is theContinue reading “Cochlear Implants, Residual Hearing, and Hybrid CIs”

AG Bell 2010: Monday Concurrent Sessions

Auditory Neuropathy and Cochlear Implants: Theory and Treatment Caroline Arendt, CCC-A; University of Michigan Cochlear Implant Program Kelly Star, M.A., CCC-SLP; University of Michigan Cochlear Implant Program

Don’t Wait for New Hearing Technology: The Time Is NOW!

One of the most common concerns expressed by people considering a cochlear implant is, “What about new technology?  What about hair cell regeneration or fully implantable CIs?  Is now really the best time to take this leap of faith?”

Hearing Loss and Additional Disabilities

Did you know that an estimated 30-40% of children who are deaf or hard of hearing are not “just deaf” but have other associated challenges?  I like to call these children “deaf+” or “deaf plus” — children who, in addition to hearing loss, have other conditions, disabilities, or complicating factors.

AG Bell 2008: Monday Concurrent Sessions

EMPOWERING FAMILIES OF CHILDREN WITH COCHLEAR IMPLANTS AND OF LOW SES Mary Ellen Nevins, Ed.D. (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), Renate Schultz, B.A. (University of Chicago), and Dana Suskind, M.D. (University of Chicago)