Graduation: When Do We Finish with Therapy?

Long ago, many children with hearing loss received “speech therapy” well into their teen years and beyond.  Thanks to newborn hearing screening, early intervention, and great hearing technology, the world is changing!  Now, we find ourselves asking, “When is a child with hearing loss ready to graduate from auditory-verbal therapy?”  More correctly, because therapy is a family affair, we should really ask, “When is a family ready to graduate from AVT?”

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Enjoy this recording of my 3/25/2015 webinar for the Cochlear HOPE series, “The Catch-Up Game: Working with Children Who Receive Cochlear Implants Late.” Click CC in the lower right corner for captions. 

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WEBINAR 4/30/2015: Beginning with Babies: Hearing Technology, Family Counseling, and Early Language Development





UPDATE 4/17/2015:  Registration is now full.  Due to the high level of interest in this program, we may be offering an encore of the webinar in May.  Stay tuned!


UPCOMING EVENTS: Free Webinars for Parents and Professionals

I am excited to be partnering with some great organizations this spring to give two FREE webinars for parents and professionals.  Both events also offer 1CE credit from the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language.  See below for more information and links to register for the courses.

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FAQs about Hearing Loss, Hearing Technology, and Auditory Verbal Therapy

When you meet someone new, one of the first questions we tend to ask is, “What do you do?”  When I tell people that I teach children with hearing loss to listen and speak, it’s a real conversation starter.  Here are some of my most frequently asked questions about hearing loss, hearing technology, and Auditory Verbal Therapy.  What are yours?

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Costa Rica 2010: Thursday – Sunday

On Thursday, we drove to Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy. It was amazingly lush, filled with all kinds of insects and animals, and humid! At Turu Ba Ri park, we were able to ride zip lines across the canopy for an amazing view of wild Costa Rica, and take a horseback tour. While on our tour, the guide told us about Costa Rica’s national tree, the guanacaste. The guanacaste is a large, shady tree, which is nice, but what really blew me away was the meaning behind the tree. Guanacaste means “EAR TREE” in the native Costa Rican language! When dried, the fruits of the tree look like curled ears. Native tribes would use them as soap and also shake the sead pods as instruments in religious rituals. Of all of the souveniers from this trip, I think the “ear” from the guanacaste tree will be my favorite. What an amazing coincidence!

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Costa Rica 2010: Wednesday

Today, we returned to the Cen Cenai public preschool center (like HeadStart in the US) to continue our screenings for hearing, vision, cognition, speech, and language. Overall, we were able to screen about 75 children and provide appropriate recommendations for follow-up as needed. Conducting the hearing screenings was difficult, however, due to the incredibly noisy environment at the school. As I mentioned before, the walls are concrete and the floors are tile. Windows are left open for ventilation, and the room in which we were screening was right next to the children’s play area, which was partially enclosed, further echoing all of the noise. As such, it was difficult to hear the 25dB tones we presented via portable audiometer, and the OtoAcoustic Emissions (OAE) tester we brought would give false negatives due to background noise quite frequently. It was far from ideal, but we made it work and, hopefully, provided the children (and their parents and teachers) with valuable information that will help them reach their full potentials.

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