Bilateral Cochlear Implants: Reasons, Research, and Support

At the “Play It By Ear!” seminar, audiologist Jace Wolfe, Ph.D., CCC-A (Hearts for Hearing) gave lots of fantastic information about bilateral implants as part of a larger presentation on developments in audiology.  The information was so wonderful, and bilateral implants are such a “hot topic” right now, I decided that this subject deserved itsContinue reading “Bilateral Cochlear Implants: Reasons, Research, and Support”

Play It By Ear Seminar: Day One

SETTING THE STAGE TO MAXIMIZE AUDITORY POTENTIAL: AGRESSIVE AUDIOLOGICAL MANAGEMENT AND USE OF HEARING TECHNOLOGY Jace Wolfe, Ph.D., CCC-A (Hearts for Hearing) The Joint Committee on Infant Hearing published its latest position statement on October 1, 2007.  Some of the most significant changes are:

Don’t Wait for New Hearing Technology: The Time Is NOW!

One of the most common concerns expressed by people considering a cochlear implant is, “What about new technology?  What about hair cell regeneration or fully implantable CIs?  Is now really the best time to take this leap of faith?”

AG Bell 2008: Sunday Concurrent Sessions

LOVE DOES HAPPEN AT AG BELL So this might not have been the most informative session I attended all weekend, but it was certainly the most enjoyable!  “Love Happens” was a panel discussion led by three couples, all of whom met at or through AG Bell.  They told the adorable stories of how they metContinue reading “AG Bell 2008: Sunday Concurrent Sessions”

AG Bell 2008: Monday Concurrent Sessions

EMPOWERING FAMILIES OF CHILDREN WITH COCHLEAR IMPLANTS AND OF LOW SES Mary Ellen Nevins, Ed.D. (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), Renate Schultz, B.A. (University of Chicago), and Dana Suskind, M.D. (University of Chicago)