Deaf Education in Costa Rica

Two weeks ago, I attended an excellent presentation on deaf education in Costa Rica.  The presenters were listening and spoken language educators, one of whom completed her training at Fontbonne in St. Louis, MO, USA.  Together with other listening and spoken language professionals in Costa Rica, they are active members of Adis, an organization dedicated to:

Cochlear Celebration 2009: Session Notes

RAISING A CHILD WITH HEARING LOSS (Sherilyn M. Adler, Ph.D.) Dr. Sherilyn M. Adler, a developmental psychologist, psychotherapist, and mother of a teenager who is a CI recipient, gave an excellent presentation on the joys and challenges of parenting children with hearing loss.  Drawing from her experience as both a psychologist and a parent, sheContinue reading “Cochlear Celebration 2009: Session Notes”

Print Skills, Writing, and Spelling

A continuation of my notes from a presentation by Kathryn Wilson, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT on January 22-23, 2009 at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, entitled “Unlocking the Doors to Academic Success for Children with Hearing Loss!  The Keys: Reading Aloud, Phonemic Awareness, Oral Narration”.

Unlocking the Doors to Academic Success for Children With Hearing Loss

Unlocking the Doors to Academic Success for Children with Hearing Loss! The Keys: Reading Aloud, Phonemic Awareness, and Oral Narration   Today I attended an excellent seminar given by Kathryn Wilson, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT on how parents and professionals can use phonological awareness skills to give children with hearing loss the best chanceContinue reading “Unlocking the Doors to Academic Success for Children With Hearing Loss”

Tips for Improving Classroom Acoustics

Classroom acoustics are an important part of helping deaf student succeed in the mainstream.  While the easy to clean tile floors and large open spaces of most elementary school classrooms make them ideal for the messy, experiential learning that is so crucial to development in the first few years of school, they also add upContinue reading “Tips for Improving Classroom Acoustics”

AG Bell 2008: Sunday Concurrent Sessions

LOVE DOES HAPPEN AT AG BELL So this might not have been the most informative session I attended all weekend, but it was certainly the most enjoyable!  “Love Happens” was a panel discussion led by three couples, all of whom met at or through AG Bell.  They told the adorable stories of how they metContinue reading “AG Bell 2008: Sunday Concurrent Sessions”

AG Bell 2008: Saturday Concurrent Sessions

Oh my goodness, where to begin?  Convention has been AMAZING and I am learning great new things and meeting great new people every minute of every day!  There are TONS of things to write about, but here’s a quick summary of the things I learned and did on Saturday:

AG Bell 2008: Friday Concurrent Sessions

THE BIG EARLY INTERVENTION PUZZLE Susan Lenihan, Ph.D. (Fontbonne University), Catherine Schroy, M.S., CCC-A (Central Institute for the Deaf), Christine Clark, M.A.Ed., C.E.D. (Central Institute for the Deaf), Mary Daniels, M.A.Ed. (St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf)

Reading Aloud and Other Everyday Reading Activities

“Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.” One of the most important things you can do for your child, deaf or not, is READ, READ, READ.  Read to them, read with them, encourage them to read to themselves and to you.  Set a good example by reading a lot yourself, and show them everyday situationsContinue reading “Reading Aloud and Other Everyday Reading Activities”