Turned Down By Insurance? How to Write a Strong Appeal for Cochlear Implants

I’ve written quite a bit about how to appeal to your insurance for a cochlear implant -upgrade- new processor, but what if the insurance company turns you down before you even get out of the gate?  How can CI candidates appeal when insurance denies your request for CI surgery?

Ear Care Tips

The World Health Organization has designated today, March 3rd, as International Ear Care Day.  According to the WHO, approximately 50% of cases of hearing loss worldwide could be avoided through primary prevention techniques.  

Genetic Testing for Hearing Loss

When parents find out that their child has hearing loss, one of the first questions they ask is often, “Why?” Some causes of hearing loss are easy to determine:  the child has outer or middle ear malformations that are apparent in a visual examination, the mother had an illness known to cause hearing loss during pregnancy,Continue reading “Genetic Testing for Hearing Loss”

Insurance Coverage for CI Surgery and Upgrades

One great thing about having multiple cochlear implant manufacturers is that they are constantly innovating and producing new technology!  A new processor launch is thrilling, and the first question on everybody’s mind is, “When can I get my hands on it?!?”  Unfortunately, the second question is often, “Will my insurance cover it?!?”  Here are someContinue reading “Insurance Coverage for CI Surgery and Upgrades”

Insurance Coverage for Auditory Verbal Therapy

In the United States, there are significant differences in insurance coverages from state to state, and even between plans from different insurance carriers.  This information is intended to be a general overview with tips that may help in your particular insurance situation.

Health Literacy

You probably know that “literacy” refers to the ability to understand language through reading and writing.  Health literacy is the ability to understand information about healthcare and use that information to make informed decisions for yourself or those in your care.  Why is this important for those of us in the Listening and Spoken LanguageContinue reading “Health Literacy”

The Cochlear Implant Process: From Identification to Candidacy to Activation and Beyond!

When you begin to investigate cochlear implants for your child or yourself, the amount of information, terminology, and decisions can seem overwhelming.  Once you feel that you have a handle on things, someone throws another twist or curve your way.  Don’t you just want someone to hold your hand and walk you through the processContinue reading “The Cochlear Implant Process: From Identification to Candidacy to Activation and Beyond!”