Fall Activities

Fall is here and with it come TONS of fantastic opportunities for listening and spoken language.

  • Collect leaves, pine cones, and acorns.  Sort by color, size, or shape.  Talk about their textures — waxy, smooth, rough, bumpy, slimy, dry, wet, etc.


  • Listen to leaves crunch under your feet.


  • Put leaves under paper and rub over them with a crayon to create leaf rubbings.  Talk about the colors you use.


  • Use sticks, rocks, and leaves to make “fairy houses” under trees.  Make up a story about the creatures who would live there.


  • Make a sequence story using pictures of your child doing Fall activities.  For example: “First, the leaves fell on the ground.  Next, I helped Daddy rake the leaves into a pile.  Last, I jumped in the pile and the leaves flew everywhere!”  Or, “First we bought a pumpkin.  Next, we had to scrape out the insides.  Then, we carved a face.  Last, we put a candle inside and put it on the front porch.”  These stories can teach sequencing words like first/middle/next/last, work on past tense (regular and irregular) verbs, and help kids think about cause and effect.

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