Here’s to the Dads!

Dads by birth, dads by adoption, foster dads, step-dads, granddads, dads who work outside the home, dads who work at home, dads who have made a career of raising their kids… I have had the pleasure of working with all kinds of fantastic father figures over the years.

 While stereotypes may persist that AVT is a mother’s domain, fathers bring something important, and vital, to the table!  Studies show that fathers’ speech to their children differs from mothers’ in some significant ways (see Davidson and Snow, 1996, among others).  Fathers’ child-directed speech tends to be more complex and challenging, which can help children learning to listen and talk to push their skills to the next level.  Parental involvement is key to success for children with hearing loss, and dads make a difference!

Happy Fathers Day to all of the wonderful fathers of children with hearing loss out there.  Your dedication is key to giving your children the brightest possible future.

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