WEBINAR: So You Want to Become an LSLS?

Are you a student or professional considering LSLS certification?  Maybe you’re already in the process and beginning to navigate the forest of information, application forms, and requirements.  Join me for an unofficial insider’s guide to the LSLS application process.  I’ll share my been there/done that tips and tricks for understanding the application requirements, earning your hours, finding and working with a mentor, and getting the preparation you need to ACE that LSLS exam!  Want to join in?


The webinar will include:

  • An overview of the Listening and Spoken Language Specialist certification and Auditory Verbal Practice

  • Explanations of the application process and requirements

  • Tips and tricks for tracking your hours, working with families, and building a strong relationship with your mentor


The interactive videoconference format will allow participants a chance to ask their questions, and all participants will have access to a recording of the webinar once it has concluded.


Sign up using the registration form below.  Space is limited, and the first 10 participants to sign up will receive FREE registration.  Regular cost is US$40/person.

LSLS Webinar Flyer-2

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