FREE POSTER: These Are NOT My Hearing Aids

Not HAs poster-2Feel free to download and share this poster to raise awareness of the importance of cochlear implants.  It may be used and shared for free in its original form with no edits and proper attribution.

3 thoughts on “FREE POSTER: These Are NOT My Hearing Aids

  1. I would love to have a poster like this for our UCF clinic… Where would I obtain one?


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Linda! If you click on the image, it pulls up a file which can be downloaded and/or printed. You are welcome to use the image without any alterations and with the original attribution intact. I hope it is helpful to the families you serve.

  3. Elizabeth: I love, love , love this posted. Thank you so much for sharing it and making it available for download. I’m teaching a new course about listening and spoken language with children who have hearing loss and the impact that this visual will make for the listening unit is going to be great!

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