WEBINAR 5/3/2016: Complex and Challenging Cases

Children with multiple disabilities. Malformed cochleae. Late diagnosis. Impoverished family situation. Low parental involvement. Regression. Slow progress. What’s a therapist to do?

 In “Complex and Challenging Cases,” we will use case studies as a platform to discuss decision making, assessment, intervention, and outcomes for paediatric patients with hearing loss who do not fit the mold. With understanding and insight, some of these challenging children can become our greatest successes!


Thanks to generous sponsorship from the RIDBC Renwick Centre and Cochlear, this webinar is FREE of charge and eligible for one continuing education unit (1CE) from the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language.



*note the difference in date/time due to the Australian host location*

2 thoughts on “WEBINAR 5/3/2016: Complex and Challenging Cases

  1. So the webinar is noon May 4, 2016 in Australia, so that’s 7:00 p.m. May 3 for US CST, correct?

  2. If you register, the system will automatically send you an Outlook invite with the correct date and time for your location — it’s a lifesaver!

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