The Best Gift for Your Teacher or Therapist

This time of year, I see many parents asking on social media, “What is the best gift for my child’s teachers/audiologist/speech-language pathologist/auditory verbal therapist?  While there are many wonderful gifts out there, I’m going to rock the boat a bit.

  First, I don’t expect a gift from any of the families I serve.  My job is to serve them, and they don’t owe me a thing (not even appreciation, really, even though it is nice!).  I really hate to think about families spending time and money and stress over a gift for me.  It’s not worth it!


Second, if families really do want to give a gift, the best and nicest thing is a simple picture of your child and a letter about what our work together has meant for your family.  It doesn’t cost much, but it lasts longer than any other gift you could give and means so, so much more.  As an auditory verbal therapist, my job is to make myself obsolete, but it absolutely means the world when families stay in touch after “graduation.”  I treasure letters and pictures from the families I serve.  Food gets eaten, gifts get used and thrown away, but this is a timeless gift.


Bottom line: Don’t stress.  Less is more.  It really is the thought that counts.

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