WEBINAR 6/7/2016: Oral Bilingualism

Many of today’s children with hearing loss are growing up in homes and communities where they are exposed to multiple spoken languages. This presentation will address the issues involved in helping these children communicate effectively in diverse linguistic environments: foundations of bilingual language acquisition, common challenges, engaging families from minority languages and cultures, and how monolingual therapists can work effectively with families who speak another language.

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WEBINAR 5/3/2016: Complex and Challenging Cases

Children with multiple disabilities. Malformed cochleae. Late diagnosis. Impoverished family situation. Low parental involvement. Regression. Slow progress. What’s a therapist to do?

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Beyond Books: Bringing Literacy to Life in Therapy and at Home: WEBINAR RECORDING

See below for a recording of my November 2015 presentation for Cochlear and the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children/Renwick Centre “Beyond Books: Bringing Literacy to Life in Therapy and at Home.” [CC]

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The Observation Challenge

Peek into an Auditory Verbal Therapy session, and you’re likely to see a whirlwind of activity: playing games, cooking snacks, reading books, and talking, talking, talking.  There’s a lot of doing happening, but there’s something to be said for what we don’t do, too.

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Acoustic Highlighting

How can we make the words we say easier for our children with hearing loss to hear, understand, and use themselves?  One technique you can pull out of your toolkit is Acoustic Highlighting.  What is it and why does it work?  How and when do you do it?  Get your highlighters ready, let’s learn!

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WEBINAR 9/17/2015: Top Ten Tips for Auditory Verbal Parents

Join me for a webinar on Thursday September 17th where I’ll share my Top Ten Tips for Auditory Verbal Parents.  We’ll discuss topics including: How do I know if my child’s devices are programmed well?  What do I need to know to write a strong IEP?  How do I build strong self-esteem and sibling relationships?  And more!

For Parents:  Learn ten essential skills you need to help your child succeed.

For Professionals:  Learn how to coach parents to success and present AV concepts in accessible ways.  This webinar qualifies for one continuing education credit (1CE) from the Alexander Graham Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language.

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Graduation: When Do We Finish with Therapy?

Long ago, many children with hearing loss received “speech therapy” well into their teen years and beyond.  Thanks to newborn hearing screening, early intervention, and great hearing technology, the world is changing!  Now, we find ourselves asking, “When is a child with hearing loss ready to graduate from auditory-verbal therapy?”  More correctly, because therapy is a family affair, we should really ask, “When is a family ready to graduate from AVT?”

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All About Magnets

Whether you call it a coil, magnet, or headpiece, here are answers to your questions about the part of the cochlear implant processor that sticks to your head to communicate with the internal part of your device. 

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The Auditory Feedback Loop

What is the Auditory Feedback Loop?  Have you ever had a cold and had the experience of not being able to hear your own voice clearly, or been so stuffed up that you couldn’t say certain sounds (“my mom” becomes “by bob”)?  Have you ever caught yourself using a word you didn’t mean to in conversation and repeating the sentence to correct yourself?  If you have, you have experienced the Auditory Feedback Loop (AFL).  Listening to, processing, and correcting our own speech and language is an important part of being a good communicator.  How can we help children with hearing loss develop this skill?

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WEBINAR 4/30/2015: Beginning with Babies: Hearing Technology, Family Counseling, and Early Language Development





UPDATE 4/17/2015:  Registration is now full.  Due to the high level of interest in this program, we may be offering an encore of the webinar in May.  Stay tuned!