Great Expectations: Progress with a Cochlear Implant

Like any big decision, getting a cochlear implant involves just a little bit of a leap of faith.  No matter how much you research, there is no way to know 100% what will happen with the surgery, activation, or rehabilitation.  By and large, results are fantastic, but how can you know what to expect forContinue reading “Great Expectations: Progress with a Cochlear Implant”

Insurance Coverage for Auditory Verbal Therapy

In the United States, there are significant differences in insurance coverages from state to state, and even between plans from different insurance carriers.  This information is intended to be a general overview with tips that may help in your particular insurance situation.

FM and Soundfield Systems

I want to start this post by saying that BOTH FM Systems and Soundfield Systems can be excellent options for students with hearing loss.  Both devices function to increase the signal-to-noise ratio, making the relevant signal (i.e. the teacher’s voice) louder than the noise and distraction (i.e. other children talking, chairs scraping the floor, etc.).Continue reading “FM and Soundfield Systems”

Dealing with Teasing and Bullying

Teasing, bullying, and their sometimes deadly consequences are in the news a lot lately. Parents of all children, especially those with hearing loss, have good reason to be concerned about this troubling phenomenon. How can we help keep our children safe, confident, and bully-proof for life? A comprehensive anti-bullying approach includes interventions that help childrenContinue reading “Dealing with Teasing and Bullying”