Big Goals for Big Kids

A lot of attention in the AVT world is focused on infants and toddlers — detecting hearing loss at birth, fitting them hearing technology ASAP, and getting their families off to a running start with listening and spoken language early intervention.  When all goes well, many of these children can be fully mainstreamed from preschool andContinue reading “Big Goals for Big Kids”

Safety for People with Hearing Loss

Hearing technology can provide incredible access to sound for speech, language, cognitive, and social development.  However, one of the most basic reasons people choose hearing aids, cochlear implants, or Baha devices for themselves or for their children is more essential: SAFETY.  Awareness of environmental sounds for alerting and personal protection is one of the greatestContinue reading “Safety for People with Hearing Loss”

Success on the Job for Employees with Hearing Loss

Whether you’ve been hard of hearing all your life or are adjusting to life as a late-deafened adult, navigating the workforce with hearing loss can be a challenge.  How can you manage job interviews, communication challenges on the job, and determine appropriate accommodations?

Just Right Challenge

Psychologist Lev Vygotsky is credited with identifying the concept of the “Zone of Proximal Development.”  This “ZPD” is the area between what a learner can do without help and what a learner can do with help — that is, it’s the zone where growth and learning really happen.  Zone of Proximal Development sounds impressive, but forContinue reading “Just Right Challenge”

Celebrating Hearing Birthdays

Hearing is an incredible gift, and one that people with hearing loss and their families do not take for granted.  Here are some ideas for how to make your “Hearing Birthday” (the anniversary of your/your child’s CI activation or the day you/your child received HAs or Baha) special.

Conquer the Cafeteria

I’ve written before about difficult listening situations: large group presentations, meetings at work, crowded restaurants, but one that comes up most frequently for students with hearing loss is the dreaded cafeteria.  The room is often an acoustic nightmare, but time spent socializing with friends on a break between classes cannot be replaced.  What’s a studentContinue reading “Conquer the Cafeteria”

Frequently Asked Questions About Speech and Articulation

Here are some of the most common questions I hear about speech, articulation, and people with hearing loss.

Cochlear Implants, Residual Hearing, and Hybrid CIs

“When you get a cochlear implant, all of your natural hearing is destroyed.” This used to be the common wisdom: get a cochlear implant, forgo any residual hearing (hearing that you have without the use of hearing devices).  Today, however, less traumatic surgical techniques and improved electrode arrays have proven this to be untrue.  What is theContinue reading “Cochlear Implants, Residual Hearing, and Hybrid CIs”

FAQs about Hearing Loss, Hearing Technology, and Auditory Verbal Therapy

When you meet someone new, one of the first questions we tend to ask is, “What do you do?”  When I tell people that I teach children with hearing loss to listen and speak, it’s a real conversation starter.  Here are some of my most frequently asked questions about hearing loss, hearing technology, and Auditory VerbalContinue reading “FAQs about Hearing Loss, Hearing Technology, and Auditory Verbal Therapy”