Paper Doll Activities

A good set of paper dolls is a great tool to have in your therapy toolkit.  The possibilities for therapy — for boys and girls from preschool to teens — are endless.  You can create the paper dolls with the child or have your own set pre-made.


  • Paper dolls.  Find dozens of great templates HERE

  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

  • Scissors

  • Lamination and velcro — optional.  If you’d like to make a more durable set of paper dolls, cut off the tabs and laminate the pieces instead and use velcro to dress up the doll



  • Colors

  • Requesting behaviors — asking for crayons, scissors (as appropriate)

  • Self-advocacy — requesting assistance with coloring and cutting

  • Receptive and expressive clothing vocabulary

  • Prepositions “on” and “off”



  • Following two step directions (“Make a red dress”)

  • Directions with 2 critical elements (give the girl with brown hair the red dress)

  • Pronouns: he, she, his, her

  • Particle verbs (dress up, put on)

  • Adverb-time again (let’s dress them up again), another (I colored another dress)

  • Subject + Verb +  Object sentences (I color a dress)



  • Advanced clothing vocabulary (collar, cuffs, plaid, ruffles… I even taught a seven-year-old “peplum” the other day!)

  • Make it a barrier game (give directions to the child while you/the parent color our own doll, and see how they match up) with multiple critical elements

  • Conditional (if you are a girl, color the dress blue) and temporal (before you color the pants, color the hat) directions

  • SVO + Prepositional Phrase sentences (I put the dress on the girl)

  • Definite vs. indefinite articles (get the dress vs. get a dress)

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