How Do I Pay for Teletherapy?

My teletherapy services are charged directly to the patient/family.  After your therapy session, you will receive an electronic invoice from a secure site.  Clients are able to pay using their bank account, credit card, or debit card.  International currency is no problem — the secure payment site will do the conversions for you!


Many private insurance plans cover Auditory-Verbal Therapy services, both live and via teletherapy.  The invoice you receive contains what is called a CPT Code, a billing code insurance uses to identify what services were provided.  This means that the invoice I send to you is ready to be submitted to your private insurance as a bill from an “Out of Network Provider.”  Depending on your insurance policy, “Out of Network” services may be partially covered after you have spent a certain amount out of pocket (the amount covered and the amount of out of pocket spending required before coverage kicks in vary by plan).


I offer a sliding fee scale for my services to ensure access to quality care for all!



Are you interested in teletherapy services?  Contact me, I can help!

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