Inside a Teletherapy Session

Teletherapy is a new and growing field in the world of speech-language pathology and auditory verbal therapy.  This technology revolutionizing the way that people with hearing loss receive the care they need and deserve to live full, rich, and fulfilling lives.  I love using teletherapy to help people with hearing loss and their families all around the globe.  Here is what a typical teletherapy session looks like in my private practice:




  • Sessions are usually scheduled for one hour per week.  I work with clients to schedule the sessions at times that work for them.  I even offer evening and weekend appointments!  Unlike traditional therapy practices which usually force clients to pick a set date and time each week, I have the flexibility to allow clients to choose session times that work for their schedule, even if that means a different day and time each week.


  • Parents or teen/adult clients receive an email with a detailed lesson plan listing the sequence of activities for the session, goals for each activity, and a list of toys and materials to gather at home.  My goal is to use things the families already have on hand — no need to buy new toys or fancy equipment!  I love planning lessons based around everyday objects (kitchen utensils, clothing items, foods, etc.) that the family has on hand.


  • Parents or teen/adult clients have the opportunity to read over the lesson plan and email me back with any changes, questions, or suggestions.





  • Parents or teen/adult clients receive an email with a link to the secure videoconference website I use for teletherapy sessions.  All you need is a computer with internet, webcam, and microphone capabilities.  The system also works on tablets and smartphones.  Just click the link and you’re in!


  • Parents or teen/adult clients click the link to log in to the secure session, and therapy begins!  I use coaching strategies to empower parents to be their child’s first and best teacher.  Using everyday items in the family’s home, I am able to help parents see how to incorporate listening, language, and speech goals into their daily routines.  Therapy sessions include games, songs, books, and more!  For teen and adult clients, the videoconference technology allows me to use a variety of multimedia resources to provide engaging, relevant therapy to help clients achieve their communication goals.



  • A recording of the session is available to you so that you can review what happened, refresh your memory about goals and techniques we used, and keep track of progress over time.



  • I send clients a complete write-up of the session, what progress was made toward goals, accuracy percentages, and detailed instructions for how to implement therapy techniques throughout the week at home.


  • I am available to clients via email in between sessions.  If you have a question, I’m here to help!


 Are you interested in teletherapy services?  Contact me, I can help!

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