What Is the Evidence for Teletherapy?

Though teletherapy is a relatively new development in the fields of speech-language pathology and auditory verbal therapy, studies have shown it to be just as effective as in-person treatment.  It even has many advantages over conventional therapy.


Here is a sampling of some of the evidence:

Using Telepractice to Improve Outcomes for Children and Adults with Hearing Loss

Current Knowledge and Best Practices for Telepractice

A Pilot Study of Telepractice Delivery for Teaching Listening and Spoken Language to Children with Hearing Loss


One of the hallmarks of my work is “Evidence Based Practice” (EBP): providing treatment to my clients based on the latest research in the field.  I devote significant time and energy to furthering my professional education by keeping up to date with research and attending conventions and events to continue my growth in the field.  I believe that clients need and deserve a therapist who provides them with 21st century treatment based on science, not opinion, to help them achieve their goals.  I would not provide teletherapy to my clients unless I felt that it was supported by evidence.  I am committed to giving you my best!



Are you interested in teletherapy services?  Contact me, I can help!

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