Guide and Coach

An Auditory Verbal Therapist wears many hats:  insurance company negotiator, toy cleaner, language sample transcriber, amateur children’s literature critic… and sometimes an actual funny hat or two in a game of dress up.  And though I think I look spectacular in a princess tiara, my two favorite roles, the ones I’m most honored to have, are those of Guide and Coach to the families who honor me by allowing me to be a part of their child’s team. 

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Co-Managing Behavior with Parents

Behavior is a tricky, touchy subject.  Every family parents differently and has different experiences, expectations, and emotions regarding how best to help children learn to behave within the norms of their family and culture.  Usually, parents are the primary disciplinarians, the ones setting the standards for their children and dealing with the tantrums, disagreements, and power struggles that are a normal part of growing up.  But when a child’s behavior needs spill over into a therapy session, how can professionals and parents partner for success?

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Choosing Teams

Do you remember choosing teams in middle school gym class or for games of pickup basketball on the playground?  With my short height, lack of coordination, and two left feet, I’ll admit, I was usually chosen last!  Fortunately, as an adult, I’ve had the privilege to be chosen for a very different kind of team: the team that parents and families choose to help them achieve their goals for their child who is deaf or hard of hearing.

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Sherri Fickenscher M.S., CED, LSLS Cert. AVEd

Ashley Garber M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT

Fickenscher and Garber shared their four pillars of mentoring, asking the audience questions that prompted self-reflection on the role of mentors and mentees as “learning partners” during the LSLS certification process. Continue reading


David Sousa, Ed.D.

David Sousa shared insights from the field of educational neuroscience, which combines psychology, neuroscience, and pedagogy to study the interaction between mind, brain, and education.  With technology influencing nearly every aspect of our lives, how has this changed the way children relate and learn? Continue reading


Louise Honck Cert. MRCSLT, PG. Dip. AVT, LSLS Cert. AVT

Susannah Burden Cert. MRCSLT, Pg. Dip. AVT, LSLS Cert. AVT

This presentation focused on parents’ journey from initial identification of their child’s hearing loss to acceptance and advocacy.

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