Potty Training for Children with Hearing Loss

Learning to use the toilet is a big developmental milestone for toddlers, and a big challenge for parents!  How can parents successfully navigate this age and stage, especially when you add hearing loss to the mix?  Here are some important things to keep in mind:

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WEBINAR: So You Want to Become an LSLS?

Are you a student or professional considering LSLS certification?  Maybe you’re already in the process and beginning to navigate the forest of information, application forms, and requirements.  Join me for an unofficial insider’s guide to the LSLS application process.  I’ll share my been there/done that tips and tricks for understanding the application requirements, earning your hours, finding and working with a mentor, and getting the preparation you need to ACE that LSLS exam!  Want to join in?

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What to Expect On Activation Day

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here!  After the process of candidacy assessments, choosing a device, and surgery, it’s finally time to activate the cochlear implant.  I’ve written before about what to expect in the first few week’s after a child’s CI is activated, but what should you expect on your child’s activation day?

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What Do I Do With Old Hearing Equipment?

What should I do with previous generations of CI processors that I have around the house?

A family member passed away and now I have her hearing aids.  Who could use them?

What should I do with extra batteries, cables, and accessories that I don’t need anymore?

My child recently got bilateral CIs and doesn’t need his hearing aids now.  What can I do with them?

How can I safely dispose of hearing aid batteries when they die?

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Helping Classmates Understand Hearing Loss

In the past month, I’ve had some incredible opportunities to spend time with a group of children I don’t often see — children with typical hearing — teaching them about hearing loss and how better to understand their classmate who is deaf.  They’ve taught me a lot about hearing loss from a child’s-eye view and how we as parents and professionals can help all children be more integrated in their environment.

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8 Ways to Build a Great Parent-Therapist Relationship

Some relationships in life we get to choose, but others are chosen for us.  When parents discover that their child has a hearing loss and select a communication outcome for their family, they are plunged into a web of new relationships that they almost certainly would not have chosen for themselves.

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Helping Extended Family Members Understand Hearing Loss

Parents of children with hearing loss face the challenge of explaining their child’s deafness to extended family members all year long, but the holiday season, with its endless get-togethers and celebrations, often brings these conflicts to a head.  Even the most well-meaning family members can cause stress when they ask questions like, “Isn’t he talking yet?”  “Does he still need those hearing aids?”  “Didn’t the cochlear implant fix all of this?” or make other uninformed comments.  What’s a parent to do?

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Insurance Coverage for Auditory Verbal Therapy

In the United States, there are significant differences in insurance coverages from state to state, and even between plans from different insurance carriers.  This information is intended to be a general overview with tips that may help in your particular insurance situation.

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